Abortion is not a human right and must not be promoted as such - Letter to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson
Vineri, 02 Martie 2018 15:45

Împreună cu o coaliție de aproape 200 de organizații și grupuri pro-viață din numeroase țări am semnat o scrisoare adresată Secretarului de Stat al Statelor Unite, Rex Tillerson, în urma excluderii avortului din raportul anual al Departamentului de Stat privind drepturile omului. Semnatarii l-au felicitat pe dl. Tillerson pentru susținerea pe care o acordă unei „înțelegeri corecte a dreptului internațional al omului” în raportul menționat.


March 1st, 2018

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

U.S. Department of State

2201 C Street NW, Washington, DC 20520


Dear Secretary Tillerson,

We are writing to you as human rights, health, and development organizations to congratulate you for supporting a proper understanding of international human rights in the forthcoming State Department’s annual Human Rights Report. By rejecting attempts to include abortion and other contentious issues, which are not universally agreed upon human rights, you are returning the United States to its leadership role in promoting the right to life and protecting the family.

We welcomed the news from spokeswoman Heather Nauert that the State Department will no longer attempt to dilute the seriousness of human rights and “will sharpen the focus of the report on abuses of internationally recognized human rights and the most egregious issues.”

Internationally agreed upon human rights treaties do not mention abortion, much less do they contain any right to abortion. On the contrary, nations have repeatedly rejected any right to abortion in open debate at the United Nations. They will do so again at the Commission on the Status of Women in just a few weeks. Nonetheless, UN committees and staff have attempted to reinterpret internationally agreed upon documents as including a right to abortion, and they have pressured countries to change their laws accordingly. UN human rights treaty monitoring bodies have pressured countries 479 times to liberalize their laws based upon their own personal views of the treaties. This is a dangerous trend and the State Department’s human rights report will send a strong signal to human rights experts that the United States will adhere to a proper understanding of international law going forward.

As organizations committed to human rights and protection of the weakest, most vulnerable members of society, we work against all violations of human rights and outrages on personal dignity no matter what the sex, religion, race, or nationality of the victim. These rights are indivisible and universal.

Eighty years ago, nations agreed that “the family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.” They agreed that “men and women…have the right to marry and found a family”. Today these rights are threatened. Those who seek to erase their very existence from UN documents do so based on the misunderstanding that these rights somehow offend people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. This is simply false. Furthermore, strong and healthy families are the safest place for all children, especially girls. When a girl is raised within a loving home with her parents, her chances of achieving higher education, health, employment, and security are improved significantly.

By publishing this report without inserting politically motivated and contentious social issues, you will ensure the credibility of this important human rights tool—that so many of our colleagues around the world use to hold governments to account.

Your leadership is deeply appreciated on this vital matter.


Lista completă a semnatarilor [pdf]

1. Abanderados por la Familia Colombia

2. Abogando por Guatemala

3. Abortion Alternatives

4. African Network For Change

5. African Organization for Famiies

6. Agere

7. Alfa Szövetség (Alpha Alliance for Life)

8. Alliance for Life International

9. Alliance of Romania's Families

10. Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH)



13. Apep

14. Apostolado de la Nueva Evangelizacion - Casita de Oracion - Familias de Nazareth

15. Argentinos Alerta

16. Asociācija Ģimene

17. Asociación Centro de Asistencia a la Mujer

18. Asociación de familias numerosas de Madrid

19. Asociación de mujeres Peñallana

20. Asociacion La Familia Importa



23. Asociacion por el derecho a vivir

24. Asociación Vida &Familia

25. Associacio Catalana de Pares Separats

26. association chrétienne de lutte contre l'avortement(A.C.L.C.A)

27. Azzjoni Kattolika (Gozo Catholic Action)

28. Beyond the Shades of Gray

29. Billings LIFE

30. California Right to Life Educational Fund

31. Cana Movement

32. Casa Pró-Vida Mãe Imaculada


34. Catholic Pro-life Committee

35. Catholic Women's League of Australia


37. Centro de Estudios de Familia y Sociedad

38. Centro de Política Familiar "Visión & Desarrollo"

39. Cheer Sincere (HK) Limited

40. Christian Concern

41. Christian Democratic Party

42. Christ's Brothers & Sisters Down Under

43. CitizenGO

44. Civil Society for the Family

45. Colegio Trabajo y Hogar de Jalisco AC

46. Comitato Cattilici per una Civiltà dell'Amore

47. Comitium Nuestra Señora del Ave Maria

48. Comunicación con Éxito


50. Consejo Mexicano de la Familia, A.B.P.

51. Construye Observatorio Regional para la Mujer de América Latina y El Caribe AC

52. Corporación de Orientación Familiar, COFAM

53. Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life

54. Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life - USA

55. Crossroads Pro-Life

56. Crusade for the Family

57. Custodiando Vidas

58. Demographic  and  social statistics division NSO South  Kivu

59. Derecho A Vivir

60. Dhaka Single Women Association

61. Dowd Chapel, 13943 Dowd Drive, Boys Town, NE  68010


63. Enfant du Monde-Priorité Santé

64. Enlace, A.C.

65. ERGO - European Regional Organization

66. Familia Desarrollo Población, FADEP

67. Familia, Cultura y Sociedad, A.C.

68. Familias De Esperanza

69. Familias y Sociedad A. C.

70. Familienföderation für Weltfrieden und Vereinigung Deutschland

71. Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Switzerland

72. Family Life Groups

73. FamilyPolicy.RU

74. Fatti Sentire

75. Fondation Bien-Etre Famille Ltee

76. Fondazione Novae Terrae

77. For Family Rights

78. Fundación Sí a la Vida

79. Generación Provida

80. Grandees.org

81. HazteOir.org

82. Hnutí Pro život ČR

83. Homeschoolers of Maine

84. HUMA

85. Human Life of WA

86. Humanizate, por una cultura en familia, A.C.

87. In the Name of the Family

88. Indonesian SVD of Family Commision

89. Instituto Panameño de Educación Familiar

90. Interessenvertretung ungeborener Menschen e.V.

91. International Baptist Church of Tbilisi, Georgia

92. International Solidarity and Human Rights Institute

93. IPS. Instituto de Política social

94. Ireland Stand Up

95. Jackson Madison County TEA Party

96. JMJ Children's Fund of Canada Inc.

97. Kaunas  United Demokratic Movement

98. Knights of Columbus 2908

99. La Mamá Oca

100. Lake County Right To Life

101. Le Beffroi

102. Libertad Viva

103. Life is Worth Living, Inc.

104. LifeNetwork Foundation Malta

105. Live Christ Share Christ Movement


107. Love March Movement

108. Lyceum 8 "Olympia"

109. Más mujer

110. Mi familia

111. Mission America

112. Monastère de Montorge

113. Moscow city parental committee


115. Movimiento Social de Justicia Restaurativa



118. National Association of Catholic Families Australia

119. Nucleus of Life

120. OFS (Msida)

121. Oratório Sagradas Relíquias

122. Ordo Franciscanus Saecularis- Kenya

123. Organización Pro-Familia

124. Padres Objetores

125. Parroquia Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

126. Pastoral familiar Santa Mónica del Colegio San Agustin de Chiclayo

127. Pequeña Comunidad Samaritana y Misionera Sagrada Familia

128. Population Research Institute

129. Pregnancy Lifeline

130. Pro Vita Onlus

131. Prolife Joint Operations Research

132. Pro-Life Nurses of Wisconsin

133. Protect Marriage Australia

134. Queremos Vivir

135. RAH

136. REAL Women of Canada

137. Red Familia Colombia

138. Red Jóvenes Provida Perú

139. Red por la Vida y la Familia Chile


141. Red Vida y Familia Ecuador

142. Res Claritatis

143. Right to Life Association Western Australia

144. Ruah Woods

145. Ruth Institute

146. Sask Pro-Life Association

147. Save Our Families


149. St Joseph's Pro Life Group

150. St. Bernard's Catholic Mens Fellowship

151. St. Lawrence Catholic Church

152. St. Theresa Pro-Life Committee

153. St.Teresa's Respect Life

154. Stowarzyszenie Dziewięć Dni

155. Students for Child-Oriented Policy (SCOP)

156. T & B Texas Longhorn Cattle Company

157. The Family Institute of Washington


159. The Intercollegiate Defense of Equality and Solidarity

160. Third Order of St Dominic

161. Time2Think

162. Transatlantic Christian Council


164. Universal Peace Federation Switzerland

165. Vaile Oceania

166. Valores para mí país

167. Victory Christian Centre

168. Vida y familia AC

169. Vopacke/Rainey Family Tree Society

170. Voto Católico Colombia

171. Vox Vitae

172. Voz Pública A. C.

173. Vyborg Christian Center

174. Welland Port Colborne Pro-Life Association

175. Yellowstone Valley Christians for Life


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